Where I've Been, and Summer!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since I last posted, and probably no one has checked this blog since I left. That wouldn't surprise me, considering the consequences.
Recently, I've been extremely busy with my personal life, and school, I had no time for Chobots. Not to mention, around the time I stopped playing, there were some complications with the game. The stability of the game was threatened (attempted hack), so Shadow had to use a temporary different URL. Not many people were too aware of this, and the game was pretty much dead. There wasn't a lot of fun when it came to actually logging in. So, in other words, I was pretty much bored, and had to focus on my personal life.
5 months have gone by, and they went by faster than I thought. When I left it was January/February-ish, and now it's June. And you know what that means? Summer! (Well, for those who are in the Northern Hemisphere sorry Joanna).  Hopefully we'll have more players in the summer. Everyone in school gets a long summer break from June (some even get off in May) all the way to September (sometimes August). The amount of time people are off completely depends on your location. For me, I finish school on the 17th, and I could not be more relieved.
So with that discussion, what are your big plans for summer? Or do you have any goals? I plan to just spend my time wisely, take plenty of trips down to the beach, and spend time with my friends! I also hope to become more fit and athletic! I'm trying to make the track team next school year, so I'm going to train in the summer, and build up my running endurance. But how about you guys?
That's all for now, I'm so excited to finish the blog, and post more!
~xoxo Katara
(need a new signature, too)

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