Back To It Again

By now, I think it's safe to say that about 99.9% of us are back in school. As much as I hate to say it, but it's that time of the year again. I hate talking about school, especially having such a fun, fulfilled, thriving, and successful summer. It's great to look back and remember it, but for your own good, do not dwell on it. Every year there will be a summer, and after summer, comes autumn, where you fall back into the swing of things. I'm sorry I've been a lame admin, but I don't have much to add here. Love you guys. Have a great school year!

Cholympics & Cake

Hey guys! So the events of the past week have been crazy! There have been so many competitions, in honor of the Summer Olympics. It was a ton of fun, and I'm glad to say I participated in as many events as I could attend. The Cholympics were a really cute and creative idea, not only to get players back together, but to compete against one another and enjoy the fun, friendly competitions. The community was thriving with players during this past week, and it was truly a blast.
Not only were there events in-game, but there were also a bunch of blog competitions as well! One of them was the baking contest, in which I entered. And so far, I'm the only person! It was so much fun to bake for this, I don't know why no one else entered! Here's a picture of my entry:

The rings aren't that good in my opinion, but it was still a lot of fun to make! Lots of food dye incorporated in this somewhat-masterpiece. I'm going to list the procedure down below (Sorry I don't have pictures to provide you all with, I didn't think to take pictures while I was making it...)
What you will need/What I used:
  • Icing
  • Food dye/coloring
  • Pretzels (for the people/swimmers, I used thin ones)
  • Fruit Loops (For the separation of the swimming lanes)
  • M&M's (These were used as the "swimmers' caps")
So, first off, I just used one of those cake mixtures from the boxes. I guess I didn't feel like making it from scratch, oh well. So all of those directions are on the box, and are useless for me to list here.
After I baked the cake, which took like 25 minutes, I let it cool for another 30. This let it chill, so I could decorate it! Have you ever tried to decorate a cake right as it's out of the oven? Well don't. It doesn't work out.
So, I bought some vanilla icing (because it's easiest to color, and color is the key in this recipe), and food dye. I scooped some icing into some tuber ware container, and dropped drops of blue food coloring into it, and mixed it up until I got the shade of blue I desired. This was the base, aka the "pool water"
Then, I did the same thing to icing (using food dye), and got the colors of the rings. I put them in plastic bags/sandwich bags, cut a corner, and used it to design the rings
After completing the rings, I used Fruit Loops (cereal) to make as the swimming lanes. I aligned them randomly, and didn't really have a color coordination. 
Then, I used the pretzels to create the swimmers. I bit and broke pieces of the pretzels apart, and used whatever shapes to make the arms and legs. This part was one of those things you have to toy around with before you get your desired look. 
Alas, you have finished your olympic cake.
Finally, I just poured out my bag of regular sized M&M's, (flipped them over so the M wasn't showing), and placed them by the pretzels to make them look like they were swimmers' caps!
Minus all the baking stuff, the decoration took me about an hour, maybe a little under that. It was a ton of fun, and I enjoyed playing around with what little artistic abilities I have.
That's all for now. I hope this was entertaining, or at least informative for you all. Have a great week!

New Interface

Hey everyone! It's been there for a while, but there's a new interface! If you didn't know what it looked like, it looks like this:

Here's what it looks like, full screen. Now, before you think "wow, and I thought the OTHER interface was in the way" stop right there! There's an arrow right in the middle that you can click and it all goes away! I was so confused at first because I didn't see it (I guess I'm just REALLY blind) but now I'm really lovin' it!
There's also a new feature called "Actions"

I believe they're going to add more, but so far they have an option where you can wave, and do the robot. I gotta say, this is pretty darn creative! I love it! Great job for the developers on this one. That's all for now. See ya!

Oh, Canada!

Hey guys! I know a lot of people post chobots related stuff on their blogs, like updates and such, but to be completely honest, why do that when you can just read it on the main blog? Most people post EXACTLY what they see on the main blog, like copying and pasting the photos from the main blog post into their posts (even the text too; word for word!) and I just think it's unoriginal. Whenever I see new updates that I didn't see on the main blog, I post them here. It's better to stand out if you're going to blog for Chotopia. You want your blog and your posts to look unique! And sometimes, it's fun to post some personal-related things every once in a while. Since this is a pretty long post, I'm just going to add a read more. It's on the bottom left of the post, so click where it says "Continued..." to read the full thing.

So as you know, the postcard contest had just finished, and during the time it was due, I went to Canada! If you haven't seen my post card, you can find it here.
This made me chuckle! Very true though! The contest opened up just before I was about to leave. And since I love to edit, and this was a contest I've never participated in ever before, I decided to go for it! I've always wanted to go to the caribbean, so I made my post card from there. I couldn't decide who to send it to (Horizon or Sylva), so I made it addressed to Sylva, and figured I'd have Horizon go with me on the pretend vacation. So, from the time of the 18th to the 25th of July, I spent those wonderful 8 days in Canada. So I'm going to share some photos I took while I was on vacation! 
Since we can drive to Canada from the states, that's exactly what we did! We drove in from our hometown here in New Jersey, all the way up to Toronto (And then eventually, Montreal). It's way cheaper than buying a plane ticket, and having to go through customs at an airport. The views on the way there were also worth it, since we drove through the country areas of different states. Did you know that when you come to Canada from the US, they don't stamp your passport? I could have stayed up in Canada for as long as I pleased, if I really wanted to!

New Emotes

Although most of you know by now, the designers apart of the Chotopia Staff team have added new emotes into the game! I think they look pretty sick! Incase you didn't know, the new emotes are based off of the iPhone "emoji's." The designers have added a heart-eyes emote, a different kind of "mad" face. In the game, it's labeled as "Really." They've also added an emote with sunglasses called "cool," a sleeping emote, a wink, and a dead eyes emote. The dead eyes is similar to how they express dead characters in a cartoon, with X's over their eyes. I think each of these new emotes look amazing! It was such a great idea to add these to the game. Every time I log in now, I always see people using them. Give a round of applause to the designers for adding more relatable and expressing emotes. If you haven't seen them yet, I have a screenshot just for you!

Check that out! They look even better on your player card! I have examples of each! 

The heart-eyes are my favorite! Well done, Rain! 

I love this one; I think it's the most relatable out of all of them.

I always wondered if they'd ever add a winking emote to the game, and sure enough, they have! It only took years of Chobots servers to do so.

In the voice of Kanye: I'm dead.

That's all for today! Have a great week guys. Stay tuned for more. 

Forum Legends

Today on the main blog, we were blessed with a post from Sylva containing the most recent announcements for Chotopia. Along with garbage collector winners, and a new chess contest, we were gifted with an explanation for Forum Legends! No one on Chobots had explained what exactly a "Forum Legend" was, so Sylva broke it down for you! I'm not going to copy it word for word from the main blog, since you can read about it here.
Basically, the forum links the community of Chotopia to the staff, as the fellow players can share their suggestions for the staff to improve the game, share their art for everyone to see, discuss issues or news, and get to know each other better. Forum Legends are the people who post often, containing good content. Not only that, but they are a positive contribution to the community. You can check out the forums here.
Congratulations to the new forum legends:

  • Muro
  • Neighborhood
  • Blaine
  • Myself
  • Natsu
  • Monoxide
For a while, I always wondered how Forum Legends came about. When I would click on people's player cards, and see the badge, I would immediately go to the forum to check out their content. I then began to understand what it took to be a forum legend, so I began putting forth a better effort in all of my forum posts. Not only that, but I've also put in a good handful of suggestions! I believe that really added some points to getting this special nomination.

Incase you have never seen it before, here's an example of the Forum Legend badge:

The Forum Legend badge is on the lower left corner. 

That's all for now! Until next time :)


Also, congratulations Emma2408 for obtaining her Agent's badge! 7/3/16

Party Overview! + July Journalists

Hey guys! I hope you all had as much fun as I did at our shared Independence Day(s) party! There was beautiful new magic, awesome effects, and plenty of rain! Towards the end, Sylva hosted a quiz! There was about 15 questions, and each question had to do with Canada or America's history! Congratulations to Lyon and Muro who won for answering the impressive majority of the questions! They were each awarded with prizes for their accomplishments! 

I also have some screenshots for anyone who may have missed the party.

New flag magic!

Give it up for Canada, too!

As for the fashion contest, it was a hard decision, with over 50 contestants! That's a new record, at least for how long I've been on Chotopia. The winners are as followed:
Sansa, KellyByee, Lyon, and myself as well! We each received two days of citizenship and 5,000 bugs

The Journalists for July were also announced! Congratulations to Realm, Bebot, Elixir, and Muro! Each of your blogs look fantastic! I'm also proud to say that I was also chosen for journalism. We were each rewarded two weeks of citizenship. Great job everyone! 

I hope that you each have/had an amazing holiday weekend. Stay safe everyone. Don't forget to thank our amazing staff member, Sylva, for all the work she has put in toward today, and every other day! It wouldn't hurt to thank her every once in a while. I know it would make her day!
Thats all for now. Until next time!

Independence Day!

Hello Chotopians! Today, July 2nd, the staff is holding a special party, celebrating the birthday of Canada and America. Canada's independence day was yesterday, July 1st, as America's is on the 4th of July. I'm not familiar with how they celebrate in Canada, but in America we celebrate with a get-together with family and/or friends, barbecues, and fireworks at night!
Also, at the party, they are going to judge to see who's the most patriotic for either country! For Canada, make sure you're wearing red and white. For America, wear red, white, AND blue! I can't wait to see who'll win! I heard the prizes are pretty nice! :D


Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce the opening of a new blog I will be partaking in! We, the agents of Chotopia, are opening our own blog for everyone! All the agents will be authors, and contribute to the blog. Are you excited? I sure am.

This doesn't mean I wont post less on this blog! I am still loyal to this blog as well. We don't have the blog set up yet, it's currently still in the making. I will update this post when it's finished! 

Beach Party And More!

Hello everyone! Today we had the beach party to welcome Summer into Chotopia! It was a TON of fun. In case you missed it, I have some screenshots to sum it up for ya! (Ignore the fact that I'm broke in all of these screenshots, as you can see my amount of money in some of them)

I've never seen these camels in game before! They look new to me, what about you? They were funny to walk around in as well.

At the end we were given 2 treats! It rained a segway (twice) and everyone was able to get one. What a pleasant surprise! And then we were all able to equip 3 days worth of citizenship! If you see Pres online, make sure you thank him for his kindness.

It comes with 5000 bugs ;)
Then, we were informed that there's a garbage collector contest that was just opened up! It ends on the 2nd of July. Good luck to all of the competitors!