Oh, Canada!

Hey guys! I know a lot of people post chobots related stuff on their blogs, like updates and such, but to be completely honest, why do that when you can just read it on the main blog? Most people post EXACTLY what they see on the main blog, like copying and pasting the photos from the main blog post into their posts (even the text too; word for word!) and I just think it's unoriginal. Whenever I see new updates that I didn't see on the main blog, I post them here. It's better to stand out if you're going to blog for Chotopia. You want your blog and your posts to look unique! And sometimes, it's fun to post some personal-related things every once in a while. Since this is a pretty long post, I'm just going to add a read more. It's on the bottom left of the post, so click where it says "Continued..." to read the full thing.

So as you know, the postcard contest had just finished, and during the time it was due, I went to Canada! If you haven't seen my post card, you can find it here.
This made me chuckle! Very true though! The contest opened up just before I was about to leave. And since I love to edit, and this was a contest I've never participated in ever before, I decided to go for it! I've always wanted to go to the caribbean, so I made my post card from there. I couldn't decide who to send it to (Horizon or Sylva), so I made it addressed to Sylva, and figured I'd have Horizon go with me on the pretend vacation. So, from the time of the 18th to the 25th of July, I spent those wonderful 8 days in Canada. So I'm going to share some photos I took while I was on vacation! 
Since we can drive to Canada from the states, that's exactly what we did! We drove in from our hometown here in New Jersey, all the way up to Toronto (And then eventually, Montreal). It's way cheaper than buying a plane ticket, and having to go through customs at an airport. The views on the way there were also worth it, since we drove through the country areas of different states. Did you know that when you come to Canada from the US, they don't stamp your passport? I could have stayed up in Canada for as long as I pleased, if I really wanted to!

We visited Niagara Falls, NY, before we crossed over into Canada.

We took the Maid of the Mist boat around the area, and just look at those beautiful falls! Also, notice how BLUE and CLEAR the water is! Absolutely gorgeous.

Canada was so much better than America. The people were very polite, and very social! If you were walking down the streets, and happened to pass by people, they would always say hello, and maybe even stop for a full conversation. We had a lot of car-buddy experiences, too. Lots of people would wave from their cars, or hold up funny signs to try and communicate with us. It kept us entertained during our 5 hour drive to Montreal. And one group of people even invited us to come hang out with them, and go to a music festival. (We already had plans though, so we didn't end up going. Plus, they were a group of guys, and we were all ladies so we could only imagine where that would go.)

We visited the CN tower, and this cool set-up was standing there while we waited in line. Never have I ever waited in such a long line. If you ever go, BE PREPARED to wait for at LEAST an hour. 

Speaking of the CN tower, here are the views from it! Toronto is truly gorgeous. (Views from the 6ix)

Then, on the day we left Toronto, we saw this magnificently beautiful graffiti art. Look at the detail! The Earth is in the bee's tear. Fun fact: this piece has to do with a recent bee crisis in Toronto. The artist explained it all here. Check it out! The meaning behind it is very important, sad, but also interesting!

During our time in Toronto, we went hiking at the Webster Falls. The views were breath taking.

Here's me and my sister at Dunder's Peak, Webster Falls, Toronto. LOOK AT ALL THE MOUNTAINS, AND ALL OF THAT GREEN! I wish I could go back. I would sit there forever.

That's all the photos I could find. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far. I hope you all are enjoying your summer, even if you're just at home the whole time, and didn't vacation this year. Use your free time wisely! Have a safe summer y'all.

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