New Emotes

Although most of you know by now, the designers apart of the Chotopia Staff team have added new emotes into the game! I think they look pretty sick! Incase you didn't know, the new emotes are based off of the iPhone "emoji's." The designers have added a heart-eyes emote, a different kind of "mad" face. In the game, it's labeled as "Really." They've also added an emote with sunglasses called "cool," a sleeping emote, a wink, and a dead eyes emote. The dead eyes is similar to how they express dead characters in a cartoon, with X's over their eyes. I think each of these new emotes look amazing! It was such a great idea to add these to the game. Every time I log in now, I always see people using them. Give a round of applause to the designers for adding more relatable and expressing emotes. If you haven't seen them yet, I have a screenshot just for you!

Check that out! They look even better on your player card! I have examples of each! 

The heart-eyes are my favorite! Well done, Rain! 

I love this one; I think it's the most relatable out of all of them.

I always wondered if they'd ever add a winking emote to the game, and sure enough, they have! It only took years of Chobots servers to do so.

In the voice of Kanye: I'm dead.

That's all for today! Have a great week guys. Stay tuned for more. 

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