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Today on the main blog, we were blessed with a post from Sylva containing the most recent announcements for Chotopia. Along with garbage collector winners, and a new chess contest, we were gifted with an explanation for Forum Legends! No one on Chobots had explained what exactly a "Forum Legend" was, so Sylva broke it down for you! I'm not going to copy it word for word from the main blog, since you can read about it here.
Basically, the forum links the community of Chotopia to the staff, as the fellow players can share their suggestions for the staff to improve the game, share their art for everyone to see, discuss issues or news, and get to know each other better. Forum Legends are the people who post often, containing good content. Not only that, but they are a positive contribution to the community. You can check out the forums here.
Congratulations to the new forum legends:

  • Muro
  • Neighborhood
  • Blaine
  • Myself
  • Natsu
  • Monoxide
For a while, I always wondered how Forum Legends came about. When I would click on people's player cards, and see the badge, I would immediately go to the forum to check out their content. I then began to understand what it took to be a forum legend, so I began putting forth a better effort in all of my forum posts. Not only that, but I've also put in a good handful of suggestions! I believe that really added some points to getting this special nomination.

Incase you have never seen it before, here's an example of the Forum Legend badge:

The Forum Legend badge is on the lower left corner. 

That's all for now! Until next time :)


Also, congratulations Emma2408 for obtaining her Agent's badge! 7/3/16

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