Party Overview! + July Journalists

Hey guys! I hope you all had as much fun as I did at our shared Independence Day(s) party! There was beautiful new magic, awesome effects, and plenty of rain! Towards the end, Sylva hosted a quiz! There was about 15 questions, and each question had to do with Canada or America's history! Congratulations to Lyon and Muro who won for answering the impressive majority of the questions! They were each awarded with prizes for their accomplishments! 

I also have some screenshots for anyone who may have missed the party.

New flag magic!

Give it up for Canada, too!

As for the fashion contest, it was a hard decision, with over 50 contestants! That's a new record, at least for how long I've been on Chotopia. The winners are as followed:
Sansa, KellyByee, Lyon, and myself as well! We each received two days of citizenship and 5,000 bugs

The Journalists for July were also announced! Congratulations to Realm, Bebot, Elixir, and Muro! Each of your blogs look fantastic! I'm also proud to say that I was also chosen for journalism. We were each rewarded two weeks of citizenship. Great job everyone! 

I hope that you each have/had an amazing holiday weekend. Stay safe everyone. Don't forget to thank our amazing staff member, Sylva, for all the work she has put in toward today, and every other day! It wouldn't hurt to thank her every once in a while. I know it would make her day!
Thats all for now. Until next time!

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