Cholympics & Cake

Hey guys! So the events of the past week have been crazy! There have been so many competitions, in honor of the Summer Olympics. It was a ton of fun, and I'm glad to say I participated in as many events as I could attend. The Cholympics were a really cute and creative idea, not only to get players back together, but to compete against one another and enjoy the fun, friendly competitions. The community was thriving with players during this past week, and it was truly a blast.
Not only were there events in-game, but there were also a bunch of blog competitions as well! One of them was the baking contest, in which I entered. And so far, I'm the only person! It was so much fun to bake for this, I don't know why no one else entered! Here's a picture of my entry:

The rings aren't that good in my opinion, but it was still a lot of fun to make! Lots of food dye incorporated in this somewhat-masterpiece. I'm going to list the procedure down below (Sorry I don't have pictures to provide you all with, I didn't think to take pictures while I was making it...)
What you will need/What I used:
  • Icing
  • Food dye/coloring
  • Pretzels (for the people/swimmers, I used thin ones)
  • Fruit Loops (For the separation of the swimming lanes)
  • M&M's (These were used as the "swimmers' caps")
So, first off, I just used one of those cake mixtures from the boxes. I guess I didn't feel like making it from scratch, oh well. So all of those directions are on the box, and are useless for me to list here.
After I baked the cake, which took like 25 minutes, I let it cool for another 30. This let it chill, so I could decorate it! Have you ever tried to decorate a cake right as it's out of the oven? Well don't. It doesn't work out.
So, I bought some vanilla icing (because it's easiest to color, and color is the key in this recipe), and food dye. I scooped some icing into some tuber ware container, and dropped drops of blue food coloring into it, and mixed it up until I got the shade of blue I desired. This was the base, aka the "pool water"
Then, I did the same thing to icing (using food dye), and got the colors of the rings. I put them in plastic bags/sandwich bags, cut a corner, and used it to design the rings
After completing the rings, I used Fruit Loops (cereal) to make as the swimming lanes. I aligned them randomly, and didn't really have a color coordination. 
Then, I used the pretzels to create the swimmers. I bit and broke pieces of the pretzels apart, and used whatever shapes to make the arms and legs. This part was one of those things you have to toy around with before you get your desired look. 
Alas, you have finished your olympic cake.
Finally, I just poured out my bag of regular sized M&M's, (flipped them over so the M wasn't showing), and placed them by the pretzels to make them look like they were swimmers' caps!
Minus all the baking stuff, the decoration took me about an hour, maybe a little under that. It was a ton of fun, and I enjoyed playing around with what little artistic abilities I have.
That's all for now. I hope this was entertaining, or at least informative for you all. Have a great week!

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