Beach Party And More!

Hello everyone! Today we had the beach party to welcome Summer into Chotopia! It was a TON of fun. In case you missed it, I have some screenshots to sum it up for ya! (Ignore the fact that I'm broke in all of these screenshots, as you can see my amount of money in some of them)

I've never seen these camels in game before! They look new to me, what about you? They were funny to walk around in as well.

At the end we were given 2 treats! It rained a segway (twice) and everyone was able to get one. What a pleasant surprise! And then we were all able to equip 3 days worth of citizenship! If you see Pres online, make sure you thank him for his kindness.

It comes with 5000 bugs ;)
Then, we were informed that there's a garbage collector contest that was just opened up! It ends on the 2nd of July. Good luck to all of the competitors!

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