Summer Fun!

Hey guys! It's been a short while since I posted, but I've been pretty active on Chotopia. The sun is out and beaming down upon us during these long summer days. The feelings of freedom and relaxation are at their peak as mostly everyone is on summer vacation! Lately, I've been hanging out in the Cafe Street, and I've really been getting to know you all. 
The other day, Emma(2408) and I were bonding over our guitar skills!
 Let's just say this wasn't our first try to get such a perfect picture. This is what happened during our other tries:
Photobomber central!

At least it was a decent picture of us playing at the same time. It was a lot of fun either way! :)
I love spending time with you all, and learning more about you guys each day! The Chotopia community is full of such amazing and unique people, I'm glad I have the privilege to spend my spare time talking to everyone. 

I hope to see you all at the beach party, along with a follow up post about it :)

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