Thanksgiving Summary + Christmas Theme Soon!

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one! Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with your family and hang out. Plus, you get to stuff yourself and hear what's juicy in your cousins/aunts/uncles' lives! *Not grandma or grandpa because honestly whats juicy with the old folks?* I love my grandparents though. Ask them about their childhood and you got 'em talking for hours! Just don't ask them if they remember the civil war, that offends them. Oops. You know that when this generation of kids are grandparents, they're not going to have crazy historical stories like we do. Their stories will consist of "When I was five years old I got my first iPad Air!" 
Well back into the point of this post, I wanted to share with you my Thanksgiving this year!
Well first of all, we had to eat really early because my mom and my aunt had to work the night shift. But that's okay because it was still a lot of fun. My aunts who came over don't have any kids, or husbands for that matter, so it was just me, my sister, and a bunch of adults. It wasn't too bad because we got to play a few rounds of "Cards Against Humanity." 
Around 5 o'clock was when everyone left. So after that, it was just me and my sister at home. But it was fine, it was also a break from our loud family. I still had a blast, even if it was only a few short hours. Now we prepare for Christmas! I'll show you guys pictures of how decked out my family gets for Christmas. We go all out, from yard decorations, to indoor!
And now an update for the sake of this blog! I haven't been on in a bit, and I apologize for that. Sometimes I just don't feel like posting, y'know? But now, here I am! I'm changing the theme to Christmas! \

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