Updates and Thanksgiving Party

Hey guys! I know I'm a little late, but the Chotopia team has some updates for everyone! So most likely, you've already known the following:
The cow mission contest results are in! The top three contestants on the charts were rewarded bugs, citizenship, medals, and candy! Congrats to Pjrgonmey and Horizon! Enjoy your prizes ;)
New moderator! Congratulations to Lava!
There's a Thanksgiving party coming up! On Saturday, November 21st, we will gather at the Cafe Street. Not quite sure which server it's on yet, but the time is the same as the Halloween party! If you forgot, the Halloween party was held at 12:00PM PST, and 3:00PM EST. Only two timezones were listed, so you can google yours compared to one of the two, to get an idea of what time the party will be for you! Or you can just compare it to Cho-time. The party will be held at 7PM via Cho-time.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, the comic contest is still up! It'll end on the 19th!
Last but not least, there's a winter clothing vendor in the Cafe Street! This friendly fellow hands out some adorable clothes for you to dress up in. Take a look:

Enjoy this while it lasts, as it wont be here forever. That's all for now guys.

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